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Welcome to the Official Website of Adela "Addie" Stonecipher. She is a level 10 gymnast from World Champion Centre in Spring, TX under coaches Bianca Hernandez and Mei Liu.

Major Achievements

Scholarship to Stanford University
2017 Junior Olympic National Team
2017 Junior Olympic Nationals: 4th AA, 1st Floor, 6th Vault & Beam, 8th Bars
2017 Level 10 Regionals: 2nd AA, 1st Vault & Bars, 4th Beam & Floor
2017 Level 10 TX State: 2nd AA, 1st Vault & Floor, 2nd Beam, 3rd Bars
2016 Junior Olympic Nationals: 14th AA, 9th Vault
2016 Level 10 Regionals: 2nd AA, 1st Floor, 2nd Bars, 5th Vault & Beam
2016 Level 10 TX State: 2nd AA, Vault, Bars, Beam & Floor
2015 Level 10 Regionals: 7th Beam, 9th Vault
2015 Level 10 TX State: 8th AA, 3rd Beam, 4th Vault
2014 Level 9 Western Nationals: 7th AA, 4th Vault, 7th Beam
2014 Level 9 Regionals: 3rd AA, 1st Beam, 5th Vault, 6th Bars
2014 Level 9 TX State: 6th AA, 2nd Vault, 4th Bars
2013 Level 8 Regionals: 4th AA & Beam
2013 Level 8 TX State: 5th Beam, 7th Bars
2011 Level 6 TX State: 1st AA, Beam & Floor

Contact Information

Adela Stonecipher:

Addie would like to continue to pursue her passion for gymnastics in college, so this website was created for college coaches to learn more about Addie and stay informed of her progress.