Allison is a level 10 gymnast from Salto Gymnastics in Waukesha, WI under coaches Vitali Rudnitski, Kristen Kremer, Brittany Solberg and Juliet Holden. Allison is working hard to become a successful level 10 gymnast, qualify to Junior Olympic Nationals the next few years and to obtain a Division I college gymnastics scholarship. Below is a list of basic facts relating to Allison's gymnastics career.

Gym Salto Gymnastics
Coaches Vitali Rudnitski, Kristen Kremer, Brittany Solberg, Juliet Holden
Level Level 10 (2017-Current)
Choreographer James "JC" Chudy
Floor Music A cut of JC's
Hours Trained 22.5 hours per week
Gym Goal Division I College Scholarship