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Welcome to the Official Website of Bridget Dean! She is a junior international elite gymnast from Orlando Metro Gymnastics training under coaches Jeff Wood and Christi Mitchell.

Bridget has had many achievements ever since she started gymnastics and she has been an elite gymnast since 2010. She competed as a HOPES and junior pre-elite between 2008-2009, qualifying to the US Challenge both years. She achieved the highest level of gymnastics, junior international elite during the 2010 season at only eleven years old. She competed at the US Covergirl Classic in 2010 and 2011.

After two years missing in action due to injures, she came back strong in 2013 with three all-around titles in level 10 meets. She qualified to the Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup in Worcester, MA. Currently, she is training hard for the upcoming elite season where she hopes to qualify to the US Championships as well as to make the US National Team.

Thank you for visiting Bridget Dean's Official Website. We hope this website will give everyone a chance to learn about this exciting gymnast and to get up-to-date reports on how she is doing with her gymnastics career. We hope you continue to support Bridget in the future.