Personal Information
Name Charlotte "Charlie" Lister
Birthday October 1, 2001
Hometown Surrey, United Kingdom
Hometown Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Parents Terry & Mark Lister

School Information
School Abbey Park High School
Grade 11th (2017-2018), Class of 2019
GPA 3.55 GPA; Honor Roll

Gym Information
Gym Oakville Gymnastics Club in Ontario, Canada
Coach Aleks Ninkovic and Jason Hall
Level Level 10 (2017-Current)
Hours Trained 25 hours per week
Gym Goal College Gymnastics

Charlotte "Charlie" Lister was born on October 1, 2001 in United Kingdom. She currently lives in Canada with her parents, Terry and Mark Lister. Charlie is an honor student at Abbey Park High School in Ontario, Canada. and she will graduate from high school in 2019.

Charlie's goals after she graduates from high school: "Following my objective of competing at the highest level of gymnastics, my career goal is to become a Physiotherapist/Sports Therapist. I would like to continue both my gymnastics journey and my education by getting a scholarship to achieve my life goals."

Charlie started gymnastics when she was 2.5 years old. Her parents put Charlie in tumble tots gymnastics because they wanted her to see which sports she would love the best. They also knew that gymnastics would have lots of life lessons for Charlie. Charlie started her gymnastics career at Horsham Gymnastics Club in United Kingdom.

When she was living in UK, she qualified to the British Nationals in 2010. In the summer of 2011, Charlie and her parents moved to Canada due to a job relocation. Charlie started training at Oakville Gymnastics Club in Ontario, Canada. Charlie qualified to the Level 7 Eastern Canadian Championships in 2013, Novice Elite Canada in 2014 and Novice Canadian Championships in 2014.

In 2016 as a level 9 gymnast, Charlie earned a silver medal on vault at the Ontario Championships and medaled on many events at the Qualifiers. She continued competing level 9 in 2017. She was named to Team Ontario to travel to Las Vegas for the Lady Luck Invitational. In Las Vegas, she finished sixth in the all-around with a 36.450 and second on balance beam. At the Ontario Championships, she placed second in the all-around, first on vault, second on uneven bars and third on balance beam. Charlie also was invited to compete in the event finals at the Ontario Championships based on her scores from all of her qualifiers. During the event finals, Charlie placed first on vault, third on uneven bars and sixth on balance beam. Charlie received the "Fly Sky High" award at Ontario Championships for uneven bars. By finishing in the top four at Ontario Championships, Charlie earned her spot on Team Ontario once again to compete at the Eastern Canadian Championships, finishing third in the all-around and first on balance beam.

Charlie also received "Athlete of the Year" Award that was given by her coaches. See below to read what her coaches said about her accomplishments during the 2016-2017 season.

"There are so many contributors that go into the selection of athlete of the year as we have many gymnasts who are very successful at competition and demonstrate a strong work ethic. This athlete has overcome many obstacles including fear, self doubt, a growth spurt, as well as some injuries. She has learned many life lessons throughout the past few years including trying to remain positive and push through when things aren't perfect, because guess what... gymnastics hardly ever is going to be perfect, it is a sport for the toughest athletes that requires incredible physical fitness, strong mental toughness and lots of repetitions. This athlete has learned the importance of pushing through hard days in order to build consistency. Due to her newfound consistency she has been able to build confidence this year and displayed it time and time again … hitting 23 out of 25 routines this year... truly remarkable. This consistency led her to a become the Gymnix AA champion, silver AA medalist at Ontario Championships, as well as bronze AA medalist at the most recent Eastern Championships."