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Welcome to the Official Website of Emily Schild. She is a junior international elite gymnast from Everest Gymnastics in North Carolina training under coaches Qi Han and Yiwen Chen.

Emily has had many achievements ever since she started her gymnastics career. As a level 7 gymnast in 2009, she placed first on floor exercise and in the all-around as well as second on vault. At the Level 7 Regionals, she finished second in the all-around and first on vault. She moved up to level 8 for the 2010 season. She earned gold medals on vault, uneven bars and in the all-around at the State Championships. At the Level 8 Regionals, she placed second on vault and in the all-around.

In 2011, Emily finished first on vault and floor exercise as well as second in the all-around at the Level 9 State Championships. At the Regionals, she grabbed the all-around title as well as two silver medals on vault and floor exercise and gold on balance beam. This qualified Emily to the Level 9 Eastern Nationals where she placed first in the all-around, third on vault and second on balance beam and floor exercise. As a first-year level 10 gymnast in 2012, Emily finished third on vault and second on floor exercise at the State Championships. She qualified to the Junior Olympic Nationals after finishing eighth in the all-around and third on balance beam at the Regionals. At the Nationals, she placed impressive ninth in the all-around and on vault out of 58 competitors.

Emily had another successful level 10 season in 2013 where she qualified to the Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup. In June, Emily qualified to junior international elite as well as to the P&G Championships in Hartford, CT. She earned a bronze medal on vault at the Secret US Classic and placed eighth on vault at the P&G.

We hope this website will give everyone a chance to learn about this exciting gymnast to get up-to-date reports on how she is doing with her gymnastics career. We hope you continue to support Emily in the future.