Gym-Style.Com: Webdesign for Gymnasts


We will e-mail you a list of questions for you to fill out. We will also need pictures and videos from you in order to build a website. With photos, you can either e-mail pictures to us or upload them onto DropBox.Com. We are very flexible how you send photos! With videos, please create a YouTube channel and upload competition/training videos onto there. Be sure to label by your daughter's name. After receiving everything from you, we will start working on the design first. We always ask what kind of colors, pattern, etc you would like to have and we will show you the design we created so you can make changes and/or additions. When the design has been completed, we will put the website together and send you the website link so you can approve the website before releasing it to the public.


We cannot start working on the website until we receive questionnaire and photos from you (Videos can be easily added later). Custom-designed websites usually take about 1 to 3 weeks, depending on waiting list. Template website will be finished quicker, usually within a week or even less.


If you want to to add, change or remove anything from your website, you just send us an e-mail and we will be gladly to make changes for you. For example, if you want us to add training videos onto the website, you just e-mail a quick e-mail letting us know that you have added new videos onto YouTube and we will post them onto the website for you.


Custom-designed website is one-of-kind where no one else will have the same design. This will take a longer compared to template because I have to create the design from scratch. If you already have ideas/suggestions for the website, you are very welcome to share them and I will do my best to match your expectations.

Template website is quicker than custom-designed because the design is already set. There are many templates available for you to choose. Every few months, we will create a new template, so you have plenty designs to pick from. With this, gymnasts will use the same kind of design but with their own colors and pictures.

"Whitney is a gem in the gymnastics college recruiting process. I was lucky enough to find Whitney’s web design services a number of years ago and have been nothing but pleased with her work, her professionalism, and her passion. She goes above and beyond for her clients and truly cares about the image that she presents for each and every one of them. The college recruiting process is time consuming and daunting and Whitney helps make the process smoother and maximizes the athlete’s marketability leaving the athlete with more time to focus on their sport, their academics, and having fun. My daughter’s website, managed by Whitney, captures the essence of all these aspects of her life. The communication between Whitney and us has always been simple and seamless. Thank you for always being a great resource of information and a cheerleader for our future college athlete. We made a great choice investing in a Gym-style website. Your design and implementation services and continuous management are stellar. " - Carlina Womeldorph