This page includes a list of skills that Grace performs in her current routines on each apparatus. Each skill that Grace inserts and competes successfully in competition allows her to come closer to a higher start value.

Tsuk pike/layout

Training: Tsuk tuck 1/1, front handspring front pike 1/2

Uneven Bars
Kip + squat-on; KCH 1/2 + overshoot; kip + squat-on; KCH + giant + giant + double tuck dismount

Training: Gienger, double pike dismount, free hipcircle to handstand + double tuck dismount, overshoot to handstand + toe-on handstand

Balance Beam
Switch split leap + switch split leap; roundoff + back tuck; full turn; split jump; cartwheel + back tuck 1/1 dismount

Training: Roundoff + back layout two-feet, gainer + back tuck 1/1 dismount

Floor Exercise
Roundoff + back layout 1.5 + front pike; switch split leap + tour jete 1/2; FHS + front pike; double turn; roundoff + back layout 1/1

Training: Double tuck, FHS + front pike + front pike, tour jete 1/2 + wolf jump 1/1