Personal Information

Name: Isabella Fucigna
Hometown: Hobe Sound, Florida
Parents: Thomas and Cynthia Fucigna
Siblings: One sister, Elora
Hobbies: Natural alchemy, painting/drawing, track & field, cross country, paddleboarding

School Information

School: The Pine School
Grade: 12th (2016-2017), Class of 2017
GPA: 4.33

School Awards

Headmaster’s Honor Roll (2014-15)
Awarded Deputy Outreach Prefect position (2015-16)
Selected as an Ambassador for new students (2015-16)
Inducted into the National Honor Society (2015)
Field Events MVP for Track and Field (2014-15)
Faculty Honor Roll (2014-15)
Visual Art Award (2013-14)
Most Improved Cross Country Award (2013-14)
Headmaster’s Honor Roll (2013-14)

Community Service

Isabella is a co-founder of EllieBellie’s Sunshine Shop, a non-profit business. They create and sell greeting cards and donate all proceeds towards supporting children’s literacy, including monetary donations and providing pre-loved books. Last year they donated over $1,000 and 1,000 books (2004-present). Click Here to Visit Facebook Page

Volunteered as a camp counselor for Blueline Surf & Paddle (Summer 2015)
Volunteer as a counselor for the Hobe Sound Community Presbyterian Church Vacation Bible school, and joined them on two mission trips (2009 - present)
Volunteer for the historic Apollo School House Foundation (2012 - present)
Volunteered as a docent and took part in animal care at the Hobe Sound Nature Center (Summer 2013 & 2014)

Other Activities

Member of The Pine School Track and Field Team (2015 - present)
Member of The Pine School Cross Country Team (2013 - present)
Member of The Pine School Environment Prefect (2013 - present)


Selected as the 2015-16 Deputy Prefect for The Pine School Outreach Prefect, which promotes community service opportunities among students.
Selected to participate in the Martin Youth Leadership program, which prepares students to be leaders of the future (2014-15).