Name Lenée Nicole Dimkin
Birthday July 14, 2003
Hometown Keswick, Ontario
Parents Bobi and Ann Dimkin
Siblings One brother, Nicholas
School Newmarket High School
Grad Year Class of 2021


"I have the privilege of having Lenee in my homeroom class for her grade 8 year. Lenee is a very polite and responsible student who comes to school on time and is prepared to learn on a daily basis. She demonstrates confidence in many subject areas and shows enthusiasm in many new learning situations. Although Lenee misses many afternoons due to her extracurricular activates, she effectively organizes her time and uses class time appropriately in order to complete all assigned tasks. She is able to juggle her training schedule and maintain her grades academically."

Michelle Thompson
Grade 7/8 - Keswick Public School

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Lenee for 10 years. I was first introduced to this talented young lady when she joined my junior ballet class at the age of three. It was apparent right from the start that she was a special young lady. Sometimes a junior ballet class can be a bit of a disaster but ms Lenee always stood out. She was focused on following the instructions and performing to the best of her ability. She even went as far as making sure her classmates followed her lead. She was an absolute pleasure to teach, extremely coach-able with a wonderfully kind demeanor. I have been able to watch her advance through the dance school and excel on our competitive dance team. More recently I have followed her progression in gymnastics and see that she has found a new passion. Lenee is destined for great things and I can’t wait to watch her someday represent Canada at the Olympics."

Carrie Gough

"I have known Lenee since she was about five years old. I remember seeing this tiny little thing dancing while waiting in line for vault and she was trying to teach all the other girls how to do it. She had this aura about her that just caught everyone’s attention and you could tell because all the girls in her group looked up to her. From the day I met her, she had this unique fire about her that you don’t see in many athletes anymore. She had such a strong passion for the sport, combined with an amazing work ethic and natural talent. You knew she was going to be good. As she got older, we became pretty close and often trained on the same events together. I like to think I was a good role model for her growing up because we both always won “Athlete of the Year”, made Team Ontario multiple times, and shared the goal of being a college gymnast. Back when I was in club, I was always much older than the other girls, including Lenee. It was my job to teach them how to work hard and to never give up. To show them how to be a leader and a teammate and to inspire them to work every day to be their best. Now, when I go back to visit, I can see Lenee has taken over that role. All the younger girls look up to her and follow her around. She is such a great role model for them and really sets the pace for hard work and attitude in the gym. She has always been a little shining star, but it has been really cool to watch her grow into this bright, talented, dedicated, and funny young girl who fights through every obstacle with her chin held high and her eyes focused on her goals. I am very proud of who she has become, and I hope to see her follow my footsteps and continue her gymnastics career in college."

Kenzie Hyde
Gymnast, University of Wisconsin-Stout

"My friendship with Lenee started almost 10 years ago when I first began dance classes with her at the age of 3. We began our competitive dancing journey the following year and our bond as teammates began to grow. What I admire most about Lenee is her dedication, determination and her devotion to her team members.

Some of the best times Lenee and I spend together are attending dance workshops. Even when we aren’t as familiar with the genre of dance being taught, we have fun stumbling through the steps together. I can always count on Lenee to support me and push me to be better.

When Lenee decided to focus more on gymnastics, I was happy that she still had time to dance. Every new comp season, I look forward to Lenee’s routines and I’m amazed at the commitment she makes to both gymnastics and dance. She continues do so well in both activities because of her strong work ethic and passion to succeed.

Lenee has shown me over the past 10 years that you can achieve anything when you are committed, work hard and stay focused. I’m grateful for Lenee’s friendship and I can’t wait to see what her future holds."

Sydney Bolin Moss, Age 12