Personal Information

Name MacKinzie Kane
Birthday September 28, 1999
Hometown Gilbert, Arizona
Parents Mike and Dana Kane
Siblings One brother, Garrett
Hobbies Ice skating, swimming, skiing, rock climbing & fishing

School Information

School Highland High School
Grade 12th (2017-2018), Class of 2018
GPA 4.0 (Freshman Year)
Career Objective Pharmacist

Gym Information

Gym Carter's Gymnastics Academy
Coaches Jack Carter, Erin Carter & Zena Stewart
Level Level 10 (2015-Current)
Hours Trained 30 hours per week
Gym Goal College Scholarship

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, MacKinzie began her gymnastics team training at Tumbleweeds Gymnastics under coach Kim Bird. After Kim Bird passed away in 2007, MacKinzie transferred to Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy and trained there until 2014. Despite the lack of a consistent coach, MacKinzie was able to learn and progress up through the levels successfully.

In June 2014, MacKinzie's family family decided to move to Gilbert, Arizona to enable MacKinzie to attend Carter’s Gymnastics Academy, an elite level gym, in order to further her training. Since joining the team at Carter’s Gymnastics Academy and training under Jack Carter, Erin Carter and Zena Stewart, MacKinzie's development has escalated quickly. MacKinzie is now competing as a level 10 gymnast.