This page contains a list of skills that Mattison performs in her current routines on each event. We also listed Mattison's skills that she is Training that she hopes to add into her routine soon. To watch Mattison in action, please visit the videos page.

Yurchenko pike

Training: Yurchenko layout 1/1

Uneven Bars
Kip + squat-on; KCH + giant 1/2 + overshoot; kip + squat-on; KCH + giant + giant + double tuck dismount

Training: Overshoot to handstand, giant 1/2 + Jaeger, giant 1/1 + double tuck dismount

Balance Beam
Split jump + beat jump; flip flop + flip flop; switch split leap + back tuck; full turn; roundoff + back layout 1/1 dismount

Training: Flip flop + back layout, switch split leap + switch split leap, split jump + back pike, double turn, roundoff + back layout 1.5 dismount

Floor Exercise
Roundoff + back layout 1.5 + front tuck; 1.5 turn; switch split leap + tour jete; roundoff + flip flop + back layout 1/1

Training: Double pike, double tuck, back layout 1.5 + front layout, switch split leap + tour jete 1/2