Name Maya Bordas
Birthday March 9, 2000
Hometown Austin, TX
Parents Mark and Denise Bordas
School Westlake High School
Grade 12th (2017-2018), Class of 2018
Awards Honor Roll & Premio de Plata

Maya was born on March 9th, 2000 in St. Louis, MO but at the age of two, her family moved to Austin, TX, which has been her home ever since. She has a younger brother Rece and a younger sister Haley. They all compete and travel in various activities, which keeps Maya's mother (Denise) and father (Mark) very busy.

When Maya first moved to Austin there was a huge pear tree, just outside the kitchen window. At a very early age, she enjoyed climbing to the top and would then call down for other kids to join her in climbing and swinging from its branches. The only problem was, few could make it up and the ones that did were afraid to come down. Her parents began to look for a safer outlet for her energies and learned of a parent-tot tumbling class on Saturday mornings. The “climbing tree” is gone and Saturday morning tumbling turned into gymnastics, five days a week but Maya's love for the sport has remained.

Maya has always attended Capital Gymnastics in Austin and at the encouragement of Coach Jason Jarrett, she moved from recreational to competitive teams quickly. She has consistently performed at a high level at each level of competition. However, she lost one season (2014) due to injuries (hairline fractures) associated with a growth spurt and as a result, competed at level 9 in 2015. During the 2015 season, she never placed outside of the top three at any of the meets she finished, ending with the Region 3 Championships in Wichita, KS (2nd place AA, Gold Medal Floor) to the Level 9 Western Nationals in Spokane, WA (3rd place AA, 1st Vault, 4th Beam, 6th Bars).

Maya takes her academics as seriously as she does gymnastics. She attends Westlake High School, maintaining all A’s and participating in multiple, advanced courses. Her favorite courses are Science and English and she hopes to pursue a medical degree someday. Her more immediate goal is to obtain an academic or gymnastics scholarship so that she can continue to participate in the sport she loves.