Personal Information

Name Alysia Espinoza
Birthday January 28, 2005
Hometown Katy, Texas
Parents Jesus and Liz Espinoza
School Katy High School
Graduation Year Class of 2023
GPA 4.41 GPA

Gym Information

Gym Stars Gymnastics
Coaches Dan & Ashly Baker
Level Level 10 (2019-Current)
Choreographer Betty Okino
Floor Music King of Swing
Hours Trained 30 hours per week
Gym Goal Division I College Gymnastics

Alysia started gymnastics when she was 18 months old doing mommy and me classes at Active Athletics in Littleton, CO. She fell in love and never wanted to leave. When Alysia's family moved to Texas in 2009, she continued at Champions Gymnastics. She competed level 5 in 2013, level 7 in 2015, level 8 in 2016 and level 9 in 2017.

Following her 2017 season, she moved to Stars Gymnastics in Katy, TX. Alysia was unable to compete in 2018 due to an injury. She came back strong in 2019 as a level 9 gymnast where she qualified to the Level 9 Western Nationals after finishing sixth in the all-around and third on vault at the Region 3 Championships. In 2020, Alysia qualified to the Level 10 State Championships but was unable to compete due to COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, Alysia qualified to the Level 10 State Championships but was unable to compete due to an injury.

In 2022, Alysia placed sixth on vault and floor exercise at the State Championships. She qualified to the Region 3 Championships where she finished seventh on uneven bars, eighth on vault and 11th overall.

Alysia was born on January 28, 2005 in Littleton, CO to Jesus and Liz Espinoza. She has three siblings, Kelcey, Damian and Cayden and two dogs named Booker and Smokey. Currently, Alysia is an honor student at Katy High School and she will graduate in 2023. Alysia wants to pursue a teaching degree. During her upcoming junior year, she is participating in the Instructional Practices program where she will learn the education fields and have hands on experiences at local schools in her district. When she has time outside of gymnastics, she enjoys being outdoors and making bracelets.