Name Ashlyn Saville
Birthday April 9, 2004
Hometown Lexington, South Carolina
Parents Chad and Jamie Saville
Siblings One younger sister, Izzy
School Lexington High School
Graduation Year Class of 2023

Ashlyn Saville was born on April 9, 2004 in Murfreesboro, TN to Chad and Jamie Saville. She has a younger sister, Izzy. She moved to Lexington, SC in 2015. Currently, Ashlyn is a student at Lexington High School and she will graduate from high school in 2023. When Ashlyn has time outside of gymnastics, she enjoys anything outdoors; boating, wakeboarding, hiking and camping. She also loves traveling, hanging out with her friends and playing with her dog, Willow.

Ashlyn was a very active child, she was always jumping and flipping around. Her parents recognized her energy and strength so they enrolled Ashlyn at a class at a daycare through Creative Me Gymnastics. She loved it so much that they signed her up for recreational classes when she was just two years old. It was clear, even at such a young age, that she had a passion for gymnastics. She was moved from recreational classes to pre-team at the age of five. Ashlyn started her competitive gymnastics career at Elite Energy Gymnastics in Murfreesboro, TN where she trained under coaches Greg Dietz, Scott Lewis and Amy Millwood. Ashlyn currently trains about 26 hours per week at Lake Murray Gymnastics in Irmo, SC under coaches John and Abby Reid. Ashlyn is working hard to reach her long-term goal to obtain a college gymnastics scholarship.

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