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The Story Behind Conquer Health & Fitness

Conquer Health & Fitness was inspired by Marjus's Albanian heritage. The helmet in the business logo represents the Illyrian soldiers who protected Albania from invaders. The soldiers overcame extreme obstacles to defend their country. Their willpower, dedication, courage, and unbreakable mindset allowed them to persevere.

Growing up in Albania, Marjus embraced a similar mindset. His determination, hard work and his dedication to helping others enabled Marjus to confront and overcome many obstacles. At the age of 17, while still in high school, Marjus left his family and traveled alone to the United States determined to pursue his dreams. Today, 20 years later, Marjus can say with confidence that he has achieved his goal of becoming a personal trainer and lifestyle coach.

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About Marjus Tahiraj

Marjus is a Personal Trainer and a Nutrition Coach whose training style is clinical in the way that he performs his craft. He is certified in Personal Training and holds a variety of Certifications that include NASM,PNS1,FMS1.

Marjus has been training for a decade and has helped a wide variety of clients ranging from ages 13 to 86 years old and that includes people with a variety of physical abilities ranging from beginners, “broken spoke” individuals and athletes. His experience training all levels of physical fitness exceeds 40,000 personal training sessions. To complement personal training, Marjus also specializes in nutrition and has taught many people how to lose weight and live a better, healthier and happier lifestyle. Marjus is a lifestyle management director to his clients who coaches and teaches them how to overcome human obstacles blocking their paths to a fulfilling and positive life. These barriers range from personal fears, low self esteem, being overweight, family hardships or those who have dedicated their lives to their careers and have unfortunately neglected spending time on self improvement activities. Marjus’ philosophy is that through a hopeful mindset coupled with strength training, anyone can undergo a transformation to become a living warrior.

Marjus will design a personalized program specifically for you that will discuss your goals, historical fitness levels, exercise needs and then will follow with an in person assessment that will include a functional movement screen. Biologically, everyone is not the same, which is why a customized program is essential for long term wellness. As part of this package, Marjus provides complimentary weekly check-ins and educational virtual tools to enable continued learning and development. There is a cause and effect at work here and you will get what you put in. Marjus’ program will make you happier, feel young again, redeem hope, and enable you to do things that you haven’t been able to do previously. Better strength and movement opens doors to new hobbies and this program will get you there. What type of personality is Marjus? He is a brutally honest, hardworking, old-fashioned family man, who puts his clients first. He loves his career and puts 120% into each person he invests time and energy into. Outside of work, he enjoys travelling overseas and playing soccer and spending time with his wife and two children.


I was approaching 60 and the march of time and prior injuries had slowed me down. Even though we were in a group setting and it was a challenging class, Marjus impressed me so much with his personal approach. He made the time to adjust my workouts as needed so I could succeed, and I was able to overcome those obstacles and move on to his Bootcamp class. When his time opened up to add individual training, I was super excited and knew it was a opportunity I wasn’t going to miss! He’s been amazing and has helped me vastly improve not only my strength and stamina, but also my reflexes which has been a great surprise! Marjus has earned my utmost respect and confidence. He’s a true professional and brings care and a wealth of knowledge to his work, but is also engaging and personable. He challenges me, pushes me, but I always look forward to our workouts. I’ve never felt better or more confident physically. The rewards of training with Marjus have truly been invaluable!

- Liz

My most recent training program with Marjus has been the best yet, (He also got me back into shape after both of my pregnancies). Much like everyone else, this past year has been a struggle with fitness. Being in quarantine with 2 small children and nowhere to go for several months took a mental toll on me which led to a physical toll as well. I began to get lazy, sluggish and developed poor eating habits. I ended up putting on nearly 10lbs of fat on my petite frame. Marjus really took charge of my fitness and nutrition routine. First he made an individualized strength training program. On the days I was not with him in person he would load up my workouts on the True Coach app with video links included so I could easily follow the exercises step by step and stay on track. First my bad posture drastically improved but was still struggling with increased body fat. He then took it a step further and had me follow a very easy nutrition plan. He was able to calculate what my daily intake of protein, fat, carbs and calories should be and once I added that with the strength training routine, the fat started to melt off. It took about 5 weeks to lose 8lbs of fat without any crazy diets or spending several hours a day in the gym. My energy has increased, my sleep has improved and I just feel all around better.

- Tara

Marjus Tahiraj has been my fitness trainer for the past 3 years. While I have had much experience with trainers, no one had demonstrated the extraordinary ability of Marjus or had such a positive impact on my health and well-being. In each session, Marjus has a plan and focuses on my flexibility, strength, cardiovascular health, and mental and personal wellbeing. He has amazing knowledge of each muscle group but more importantly of one’s whole health. Marjus pushes you to be your best self and leads by example by being his best and most positive self. Trainings are challenging, consistent, accountable and each one builds upon your program. Marjus has been a great person and fitness coach for me and I happily provide my strongest endorsement of him and his abilities.

- Gary

My husband and I have been training with Marjus for five years. As senior citizens our goal has been to improve/maintain our mobility, flexibility, and balance. He continues to challenge us, inspiring us to reach new goals. Marjus is caring and attentive to each client’s needs. He knows our physical limits and encourages and motivates us to perform each exercise correctly, so as not to sustain injury. We are impressed with his passion to help his client base and his knowledge about all thing’s fitness. In our opinion, training sessions with Marjus one of the best investments you can make for your well-being.

- Jane


Conquer Health & Fitness runs out of a location in Needham, MA
and you will be training under independent trainer, Marjus Tahiraj. Our rates are below:

Personal Training and/or Post Medical Rehab

$125 for 1 hour

One-on-one training focuses on the individual's goals and needs. It’s either to lose weight, gain muscle or tone up. We also help any athlete to rehab from an injury or that wants to perform best on specific sport.

Partner Training

$165 for 1 hour

Partner training is designed for a couple or pairs that like to workout together with similar/same goals.

Semi-Training of 5 People or Less

Price ranges $35-60 per person

Semi-training includes a small group of people or athletes in any level of fitness that can be progressed based on program.

Online Training and Nutrition Planning

$99 a month

Online training/nutrition planning is a monthly membership where you will get a program based on your goals and needs. You will be contacted by your coach weekly by e-mail/zoom.

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