Personal Information

Name Sophie Welch
Birthday September 16, 2003
Hometown Belmont, California
Parents Kate Leggett and Peter Welch
School Woodside High School
Grad Year Class of 2021
Career Aspiration Physical therapy

Gym Information

Gym Accel Gymnastics
Coach Ashley Hansen, Matt Hodges, Jim Li Lin Way
Level Level 9 (2018-Current)
Choreographer Jessica Wickizer
Floor Music 11h11 (Cirque du Soleil)
Hours Trained 20 hours per week
Gym Goal College Gymnastics

Sophie Welch was born on September 16, 2003 in Stanford, CA to Kate Leggett and Peter Welch. Sophie has two much younger siblings which she loves. Her brother is six years younger than her, and her sister almost a decade younger than her. She has been a great help with them since they were born, and her parents rely on her to help around the house and babysit. She cannot wait to drive, and to help shuttle her brother and sister around. Sophie’s parents are both from the east coast. She spends time every summer on Martha’s Vineyard with her extended family. She loves that she has family roots, and an extensive set of relatives on the east coast. She also enjoys the changing seasons. She has hopes to go to college in the Northeastern USA. Sophie is interested in physical therapy focused on helping athletes and gymnasts like herself. She is interested in exploring careers that combine athletics, movement and biology.

Sophie fell in love with gymnastics after attending a gymnastics birthday party at the age of four. She would watch TV in a headstand for hours. She started taking gymnastics lessons in kindergarten, and spent two years in the TOPS program at Peninsula Gymnastics (2009-2010). Sophie moved to Accel Gymnastics in Burlingame, CA in 2015. Nothing has come very easy for Sophie, including gymnastics. Because of this, she has developed a very strong work ethic, which has helped her be successful in gymnastics and in school work.

Sophie is a determined worker. In December 2017, Sophie suffered an edema to her shoulder. She took the spring 2018 to heal, and missed her level 9 season. She came back in 2019 as a level 9 gymnast and qualified to Region 1 Championships. In 2020, Sophie's season was cut short due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, Sophie trains 20 hours per week at Accel Gymnastics in Burlingame, CA under coaches Ashley Hansen, Matt Hodges and Jim Li Lin Way.