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Welcome to Trinity Brown's Official Website. She is a level 10 gymnast from Docksiders Gymnastics in Millersville, MD under coaches Bob Quellette, Kathy Pitkevits and Jay Barrows.

Major Achievements

Signed NLI to Utah State University
2021 Junior Olympic Nationals: 18th AA, 16th Vault
2021 Level 10 Regionals: 5th AA, 2nd Vault, 3rd Bars
2021 Level 10 MD State: 4th AA, Bars & Floor
2020 Level 10 MD State Qualifier (COVID-19)
2019 Junior Olympic National Qualifier
2019 Level 10 Regionals: 5th AA, 4th Vault & Floor
2019 Level 10 MD State: 1st AA & Vault, 3rd Floor
2018 Level 10 MD State Qualifier
2017 Level 9 America's Vault Top 100
2017 Level 9 Eastern National Vault Champion
2017 Level 9 Regionals: 1st AA, Vault &. Bars, 2nd Floor
2017 Level 9 MD State: 2nd AA, 1st Vault, 2nd Bars

Contact Information

Trinity Brown:
Bob Ouellette: 410 375 8568
Bob Ouellette:

This website was created for college coaches to learn more about Trinity and stay informed of her progress. Please check for frequent updates.