Personal Information

Name Olivia "Gracie" Walker
Birthday November 28, 2005
Hometown Gainesville, Virginia
School Gainesville High School
Graduation Year Class of 2023
GPA 3.92 GPA in AP Scholars Program

Gym Information

Gym GMS Gymnastics
Coaches Azin Manafi, Linda Ayers, Bernard Hall
Level Level 10 (2021-Current)
Floor Music Ragan Smith 2020
Hours Trained 20 hours per week
Gym Goals JO Nationals & College Gymnastics

Gracie and her twin sister were born premature and weighed two pounds. After finally graduating from three years of physical, occupational and speech therapy, her parents enrolled Gracie and her sister into gymnastics class at Little Gym in 2008. Gracie fell in love with the sport while learning to do a cartwheel and a forward roll. Gracie has been training at GMS Gymnastics in Virginia her whole gymnastics career. She started competing level 3 in 2014.

As a level 6 gymnast in 2017, Gracie earned a bronze medal on floor exercise at the State Championships. At the 2018 Level 7 State Championships, Gracie placed eighth in the all-around with a 37.100 and sixth on vault and balance beam. Gracie moved up to level 8 for the 2019 season where she placed third on vault and sixth in the all-around at the State Championships. She qualified to the Region 7 Championships where she finished third in the all-around. Gracie had a great 2020 season as a second-year level 8 gymnast but was unable to compete in the post-season due to cancelled events (COVID-19). Her 2020 season was highlighted with five all-around titles and six individual event titles!

Gracie moved up to level 9 for the 2021 season. She took home gold medals on vault, uneven bars, floor exercise and in the all-around with a 37.525 at the State Championships. At the Region 7 Championships, she finished sixth in the all-around and third on vault. This qualified Gracie to the Level 9 Eastern Nationals in College Park, GA where she placed second on floor exercise and eighth on vault out of 28 gymnasts. In 2022, Gracie moved up to level 10 where she qualified to the State Championships and Region 7 Championships. She was unable to compete post-season due to an injury.

Olivia "Gracie" Walker was born on November 28, 2005 in Virginia to Judson Jr. and Pamela Walker. She has a twin sister, Alexis, a younger brother, Jonathan and two dogs named Daisy and Patches. Gracie is an honor student at Patriot High School where she is part of the AP Scholars Program. When Gracie has time outside of gymnastics, she enjoys dancing, drawing, baking, reading and writing.