Personal Information

Name Jersey Bingman
Birthday December 28, 2005
Hometown Newport News, Virginia
Parents Billy Bingman & Kym Fields-Montgomery
School Menchville High School
Graduation Year Class of 2024
GPA 4.0 GPA - Honor Roll

Gym Information

Gym World Class Gymnastic National Training Center
Coach Tami Harrison
Level Level 10 (2020-Current)
Choreographer Dominic Zito
Floor Music Instrumental mash up
Hours Trained 32 hours per week
Gym Goal College Scholarship

When I was three years old, my grandmother (Ome) enrolled me in a Mommy and Me recreational class. I have always had a lot of energy and couldn’t sit still, so it was the perfect fit. I have worked hard to balance gymnastics with my schoolwork, maintaining honor roll throughout my elementary, middle and now high school remaining focused when it comes to achieving my goals. Over the years my love for this sport grew, I have participated in gymnastics as part of a competitive team where I have earned many placements at regular meets, State Championships and Regional Championships. My personal goal is to compete for a Division 1 college gymnastics team. Everyone can learn gymnastics and succeed; if you have a coach that believes in you and you believe in yourself. I have had the opportunity to have many coaches that instilled the passion in my earlier years for gymnastics, ones that take pride in seeing me move up in the competitive levels. My coaches over the years have been Jami, Loni and Talaia at Riverview Gymnastics Center and my current coaches are Tami, Beka and Rex at World Class Gymnastics National Training Center who have taught me so much that it is immeasurable.

Riverview Gymnastics Center was where I started classes and moved onto pre-team and competitive team. I would stay at this gym for eight years, competing levels 4-6 with the support and patience of coaches Jami, Loni and Talaia. It was here at this small recreational gym that I discovered just how much I loved gymnastics. These coaches helped push me to achieve my personal goals, in ways that left a lasting impression at my young age. This was a thriving environment of respect, discipline and of course fun! When the coaches decided to leave Riverview to coach at a different gym, I was devastated to say the least. Of course, I followed them to Triple T Gymnastics Center and competed level 7 with the coaches that I have trusted all these years. It was a transitional year for all of us and at the end of the season, I made the decision to transfer to World Class Gymnastics and work towards fulfilling my dreams of becoming a college gymnast. I had outgrown my coaches and the gym.

I started my training at World Class Gymnastics in Newport News, VA with a new team, new coaches and a much larger gym for level 8 during the 2017-2018 season. It was a fabulous year placing third in the all-around with a 37.975 and first on uneven bars at the 2018 Virginia State Championships. This qualified me for my first Regional Meet. I placed second in the all-around with a 38.000 and placed on all events. I also was nominated as one of top 10 Gymnast of the Year in 2018 by MeetScoresOnline (MSO) and awarded the Most Valuable Level 9 Gymnast from World Class Gymnastics. I understand the persistence and dedication this requires, which I am willing to put in the work and time to achieve my goals.

As 2018-2019 level 9 season has ended, I've enjoyed every minute! The Level 9 Virginia State Championships was a success placing second in the all-around with a 37.250. Regionals was just as successful placing first in the all-around with a 37.975. This qualified me for Level 9 Eastern Nationals in Kissimmee, FL where I placed eighth in the all-around. I will always appreciate the strong support of gymnastics and the camaraderie it brings. Thank you MSO for nominating me once again as one of the top 25 Gymnast of the Year for 2019.

For 2019-2020 season, we are faced with COVID epidemic, most all the meets were cancelled mid-season, and gyms were closed for months. Before the season ended abruptly, I placed first in the all-around at the Myrtle Beach Cup, New Year Opener, Everest Classic and Excalibur Cup and second in the all-around at the World Class Invitational and Circle of Stars Invitational. I was on a roll before it was all halted. No States or Regionals would take place as COVID shuts down all gymnastic centers with no estimated time of returning. My chances of improving my placement at States and Regionals was gone just like that. We would all spend months conditioning at home.

I moved up to level 10 for the 2020-2021 season. Since our gym was closed for three months during the COVID-19 shut down, this would give us very limited amount of time to train level 10s new skill sets. After returning back to the gym, we had a lot of restrictions that came with limited practice time as well. An injury would set me back, which required me to have physical therapy and reduced practice even more. Just as I was making a comeback, I tested positive for COVID-19 and was out of the gym for another two to three weeks. I have to say, it has been a rough season for all of us with limited spectators or none, to virtual meets, we had to adapt quickly. With my dedication to this sports, I am determined to thrive and meet my goals.