Personal Information

Name Jersey Bingman
Birthday December 28, 2005
Hometown Newport News, Virginia
Parents Billy Bingman & Kym Fields-Montgomery
School Poquoson High School
Graduation Year Class of 2024
GPA 4.0 GPA - Honor Roll

Gym Information

Gym World Class Gymnastic National Training Center
Coach Tami Harrison
Level Level 10 (2020-Current)
Choreographer Dominic Zito
Floor Music Instrumental mash up
Hours Trained 32 hours per week
Gym Goal College Scholarship

Jersey started gymnastics when she was 3 years old at a recreational gym. With a ton of energy to burn and no fear, she tumbled her way to three classes a week, including an advanced 2-hour class with teens at 4 years old!! Her love for the sport grew extremely fast, making the competitive team at 5 years old. Jersey moved up in the competitive Levels (scoring out of level 3). Each of her coaches instilled the foundation for gymnastics while bring out her confidence to succeed. Along the way pushing Jersey towards her personal goals. This would fuel her passion and dedication for this sport even more.

At the end of the season in 2017, Jersey realized her skill level had outgrown the coaches and the gym, she decided to move to a much larger facility and train towards fulfilling her goal of becoming a Division 1 College Gymnast. Jersey’s training at World Class Gymnastics Training Center in Newport News, VA started with new coaches, new teammates, and a much larger gym. These coaches have taught her so much it is immeasurable.

2017-2018 Level 8. This was a phenomenal year with her new coaches who pushed her beyond her potential and helped her strive for more. Jersey was nominated as one of Top 10 Gymnast of the Year in 2018 by MSO. It was a privilege for her to represent them as well as being a World Class Gymnast.

2018 State VA Championship 3rd AA 37.975
2018 VA State Bars Champion
2018 Regionals 2nd AA 38.000, 2nd Floor, 3rd Beam, 4th Bars

2018-2019 Level 9. Jersey has always appreciated the unwavering support of gymnastics and the camaraderie it brings. Jersey was awarded the Most Valuable Gymnast of 2019 by World Class Gymnastics. MSO also nominated Jersey as one of the Top 25 Gymnast of the Year for 2019.

2019 VA State Championships 2nd AA 37.250, 2nd Vault, 2nd  Bars, 4th Beam
2019 Regionals 1st AA with a 37.975
2019 Regionals Floor Champion, 2nd Beam
2019 Eastern 8th AA 37.250, 7th Vault

2019-2020 Level 9. Facing the COVID epidemic, most of the meets were cancelled, and the season ended abruptly. World Class was able to compete in a few meets before the shutdown.

2019 - 1st AA 36.850 Myrtle Beach Cup
2020 - 1st AA 37.300 New Year Opener, 1st AA 37.375 Everest Classic
2020 - 1st AA 37.500 Excalibur Cup
2020 - 2nd AA 36.725 World Class Invitational, 2nd AA 37.025 Circle of Stars
  2020 – VA State Qualifier (COVID)

2020-2021 Level 10. COVID mandated shutdowns and reduced the training schedule. Due to an injury and contracting COVID, Jersey faced setbacks during mid-season, nonetheless she would persevere to finish the season with a strong.

2021 Virginia State Meet 5th AA, 5th on all events
2021 Regionals 11th AA, 4th on beam

2021-2022 Level 10. The season started off with qualifying for The Laurie Hernandez Champion Challenge Placing 4 th on Bars and Vault. Jersey competed intermittently despite illnesses with Covid and a foot injury early in the season. Jersey returned to complete in States and Regionals, competing in single events.

2022 Star Struck Invitational 4th AA
2022 World Class Invitational 4th AA, 2nd Floor and Vault
2022 Va State Meet (single events injury) Beam, Floor
2022 Regionals 6th Vault and 13th AA (Injury)

Jersey has always worked extremely hard to balance gymnastic hours with her academics. Keeping her focus on accomplishing her goals and maintaining honor roll throughout elementary, middle, and high school. With class placements in AP as an A, A/B Honor Roll Student. Her achievements include the President's Academic Excellence Award and Academic Achievement Honor Roll Awards. Jersey would like to thank all her coaches for consistently being a positive force. They have inspired her to become not just a better athlete, but a better person as well, along with the encouragement to believe in herself. Jersey has never lost focus of her goals to compete on a Division 1 College Gymnastic Team. 2006 – 2017 Coaches: Jami Edwards, Loni Lane, and Talia Cuff.; 2018 - Coach: Mary King 2019 – Present - Coaches: Tami Harrison, Rex Harrison and Beka Conrad